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Custom-packed SPE tips for automated sample prep on liquid handling platforms
C18 • C08 • C04 • Carbon • HILIC • TiO2 • ZrO2 •  WAX • SAX • WCX • SCX • Protein A • Protein G • DNAPure media • SDS Removal media •  Other custom media


  • Custom-pack tips of any volume, size, and shape (including conductive tips) with proven reproducibility
  • Extensive variety of chromatographic media available for isolation/enrichment of any molecule
  • 96-well plate formats also available

Glygen is proud to offer custom tips/plates for sample prep using automated liquid handling systems. Fully-automated sample prep is a significant driver of labs’ shift towards automation, enabling scientists to conduct faster, better, and more reproducible experiments.

Glygen works closely with platform companies to custom-pack manufacturers’ original tips/plates (including conductive tips) with a variety of high-value chromatographic media.

Glygen is the world-leader in media packing; Glygen’s proprietary Direct Embedding Process (DEP) enables packing of tips of any volume, size, and shape with proven reproducibility.


Media selection
Glygen custom-packs tips for a wide range of applications, given the broad spectrum of chromatographic media available.

Application Media
Peptide desalting C18, C08, C04, Carbon (Graphite), HILIC
Peptide purification C18, C08, C04, Carbon (Graphite), WAX, SAX, WCX, SCX
Phosphopeptide purification TiO2, ZrO2
Antibody purification Protein A, Protein G
DNA purification DNAPure media
Detergent removal SDS Removal media, HILIC
Other CN, NH2, Cellulose, Poros RP-1, Poros RP-2, Hydroxyethyl A, Ni, Fe, Ga, Ca, Borate, Blue/Red Dye, Trypsin, Sialidase, G-10/25/50/100, P-2/4/6


Glygen custom-packs original manufacturers’ tips with its proprietary chromatography media embedding process; bed volume can vary according to customer preference.

Glygen has produced iTips for multiple platforms, including Agilent’s Bravo system, and PerkinElmer’s MultiProbe.

iTip is a 96-well plate in which each individual well can be manipulated separately. iPlate is a 96-well plate in which the individual wells are welded to the plate (and cannot be manipulated separately).


Selected references

  • Keidel, Eva-Maria, et al. Automated sample preparation and spotting on MALDI target plates using the Agilent Bravo Automated Liquid Handling Platform. Agilent Technologies Application Note, July 27, 2010.


Ordering information

Custom product; contact Glygen’s sales team to learn more about ordering custom iTips or iPlates.



iTip and iPlate


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