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MOAC micro-SPE cartridge for enrichment of low concentration phosphopeptide samples
TiO2 • ZrO2 • Mixed TiO2/ZrO2

  • Simple, fast enrichment with minimal sample loss
  • MOAC NuTip enriches phosphorylated Ser, Tyr, and Thr, in a highly sensitive and reproducible way, with minimal non-specific binding
  • Media directly embedded on inner cartridge wall (no matrix) for reduced contamination, no back pressure
  • Different sizes to accomodate samples of varying volumes/concentrations (e.g., as small as 0.1 µL volume)

Phosphopeptide Enrichment NuTip provides MOAC, one of the most widely used strategies in phosphoproteomics, powered by Glygen’s patented NuTip micro-SPE technology. This enables separation of low-concentration phosphopeptide samples by maximizing media surface area in contact with the sample.

MOAC media is embedded directly in the inner surface of the tip: there are no polymers, glues or matrices. This proprietary design prevents contamination or permeability problems common in competitor tips.

Learn more about NuTip technology.

NuTip technology has powered research resulting in many publications: Explore literature featuring NuTip.

How NuTip works


Media selection
Phosphopeptide Enrichment NuTips embedded with proprietary MOAC media. The literature suggests only 30% overlap in phosphopeptides isolated by TiO2 vs. ZrO2, emphasizing importance of an informed (and perhaps mixed-media) approach to enrichment.

Media Use for
TiO2 Selective for multiply phosphorylated peptides
ZrO2 Selective for monophosphorylated peptides
TiO2 / ZrO2 mixed media Broad spectrum

Sold in packs of 96 tips.

  Volume (ul) Binding capacity Media amount
NT1 1-10 1 µg 30 µg
NT2 10-200 2.5 µg 75 µg
NT3 10-200 15 µg 400 µg

Selected references

“Both MALDI and ESI-MS analyses of [Glygen’s] TiO2 NuTip eluents resulted in the reproducible observation of a greater number of unique sites of phosphorylation with the least amount of nonspecific binding compared with the other MOAC resins. …Enrichment procedures …dramatically improve detection & sequencing of phosphopeptides…” (Gates, et al)

  • Gates, et al [NIH]. ‘Comparison of metal and metal oxide media for phosphopeptide enrichment prior to mass spectrometric analyses.’ JASMS June 2010.
  • Mikkat S, et al. MS characterization of qualitative protein polymorphisms in the spinal cords of inbred mouse strains. Proteomics. 2010 Mar;10(5):1050-62.

Ordering information

Part No. Price ($) Specs  
NT1TIO 193 Size: NuTip (1-10 µL) Media: Titanium dioxide
NT1ZRO 193 Size: NuTip (1-10 µL) Media: Zirconium dioxide
NT1TIZR 193 Size: NuTip (1-10 µL) Media: TiO2+ZrO2
NT2TIO 231 Size: NuTip (10-200 µL) Media: Titanium dioxide
NT2ZRO 231 Size: NuTip (10-200 µL) Media: Zirconium dioxide
NT2TIZR 231 Size: NuTip (10-200 µL) Media: TiO2+ZrO2
NT3TIO 281 Size: NuTip (10-200 µL) LARGE Media: Titanium dioxide
NT3ZRO 281 Size: NuTip (10-200 µL) LARGE Media: Zirconium dioxide
NT3TIZR 281 Size: NuTip (10-200 µL) LARGE Media: TiO2+ZrO2
NT1KITPHOS 219 Size: NuTip (1-10 µL) Media: Selection of TiO2, ZrO2, and mixed TiO2+ZrO2
NT2KITPHOS 255 Size: NuTip (10-200 µL) Media: Selection of TiO2, ZrO2, and mixed TiO2+ZrO2

Phosphopeptide Enrichment NuTip


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