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Product Description

Micro-spin column (no filter) for removal of phospholipids from small molecule samples
Mixed TiO2/ZrO2

  • TiO2+ZrO2 mixed media delivers effective separation of phospholipids from samples of serum/other fluids
  • Micro-spin column format has no filters, glues, polymers: reducing sample loss and contamination risk

Product description

Phospholipid Removal TopTip enables broad-spectrum phospholipid capture in a micro-spin column format.

The fine 1-2 µm slit at the bottom of the TopTip permits liquid to pass through (with pressure via centrifuge or syringe), but retains the unique TiO2+ZrO2 mixed media in the tip. This eliminates need for a filter – reducing dead volume, loss of sample and contamination risk.

Learn more about TopTip technology.

TopTip technology has powered research resulting in many publications: Explore literature featuring TopTip.

How TopTip works


Media selection
Available with TiO2+ZrO2 mixed media

Sold in packs of 96 tips.

  Volume (ul) Binding capacity Media amount
TT1 1-10 400 µg 4 mg
TT2 10-200 1000 µg 10 mg
TT3 100-1000 5000 µg 50 mg

Ordering information

Part no. Price ($) Specs  
TT1TIZR 243 Size: TopTip (1-10 µL) Media: TiO2+ZrO2
TT2TIZR 331 Size: TopTip (10-200 µL) Media: TiO2+ZrO2
TT3TIZR 206 Size: TopTip (100-1000 µL) Media: TiO2+ZrO2

Phospholipid Removal TopTip


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