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Product Description

Capillary tube embedded with chromatography media for online enrichment
C18 • C08 • C04 • Carbon • HILIC • TiO2 • ZrO2 •  WAX • WCX • SCX

  • Fast online sample preparation with minimal loss
  • Cleaner samples, and no contamination from a filter
  • Separation of volumes as low as a few nanoliters

Glygen’s LC-Fiber is a revolutionary patented capillary tubing for sample preparation.  In the LC-Fiber, chromatography material is directly attached to the inner surface of the capillary (as low as 50 micron i.d.), allowing for sample flow with little resistance. The absence of a filter allows the use of chromatographic media in very small sample volumes (i.e., nanoliters).

LC-Fiber can be used as a Capillary for Solid Phase Extraction (CSPE), for capillary HPLC, capillary electro chromatography (CEC), or as an HPLC sample loop for pre column purification.


Media selection
LC-Fibers are available for a wide range of applications, given the broad spectrum of chromatographic media available.

Application Media
Peptide desalting C18, C08, C04, Carbon (Graphite), HILIC
Peptide purification C18, C08, C04, Carbon (Graphite), WAX, WCX, SCX
Phosphopeptide purification TiO2, ZrO2

LC-Fiber consists of a capillary that is made of polypropylene or FEP and your desired chromatography material – nothing else.
Fiber length: 1-50 cm, Internal diameter: 50-500 µm.
Glygen LC-Fibers are sold in packs of 1.

Ordering information

  Pack of 1 (5 cm)
  Part No. / Price
Chromatographic media  
Silica LFSIO / $229.00
C-18 LFC18 / $229.00
C-08 LFC08 / $229.00
C-04 LFC04 / $229.00
CN Not available
NH2 Not available
Carbon (Graphite) LFCAR / $229.00
C18 + Carbon (Graphite) LFMC18 / $229.00
Cellulose Not available
Zirconium dioxide LFZRO / $229.00
Titanium dioxide LFTIO / $229.00
POROS RP-1 LFPR1 / $229.00
POROS RP-2 LFPR2 / $229.00
POROS weak anion exchanger Not available
POROS strong anion exchanger Not available
POROS strong cation exchanger Not available
HILIC LFHIL / $229.00
PolySULFOETHYL A (silica SCX) LFSSA / $229.00
PolyCAT A (silica WCX) LFCAT / $229.00
SilIca strong Anion  (SAX) Not available
PolyWAX LP (silica weak anion) LFWAX / $229.00
SDS-Removal Not available
Affinity Media  
Silica IMAC Not available



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