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Product Description

 Micro-spin column (no filter) for enrichment of antibody samples
Protein A • Protein G 

  • Significantly reduce time and expense of SPE (e.g., can top-load samples and centrifuge)
  • Protein A/G technologies deliver high-yield purification of IgG from small samples of serum and other fluids
  • Micro-spin column allows precise control over rates of binding and elution
  • No filters, glues, polymers, or matrices: reducing sample loss and contamination risk

Antibody Enrichment TopTip micro-spin column enables selective Protein A and Protein G affinity reactions in a convenient micro-spin column.

The fine slit at the bottom of the TopTip (slit width: 1-2 µm) permits liquid to pass through (with pressure via centrifuge or syringe), but retains media in the tip. This eliminates need for a filter – reducing dead volume, loss of sample and contamination risk.

Learn more about TopTip technology.

TopTip technology has powered research resulting in many publications: Explore literature featuring TopTip.

How TopTip works


Media selection

Protein A and Protein G differ in their ability to bind antibodies of different species and subclasses. Media selection is based on these known affinities.

Sold in packs of 96 tips.

  Volume (ul) Binding capacity Media amount
TT1 1-10 400 µg 4 mg
TT2 10-200 1000 µg 10 mg

Ordering information

Part No. Price ($) Specs  
TT1PRA 281 Size: TopTip (1-10 ul) Media: Protein A
TT1PRG 318 Size: TopTip (1-10 ul) Media: Protein G
TT2PRA 368 Size: TopTip (10-200 ul) Media: Protein A
TT2PRG 493 Size: TopTip (10-200 ul) Media: Protein G

Antibody Enrichment TopTip


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