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Glygen has an extensive variety of chromatographic media available, to suit purification, desalting, and SDS removal of almost any molecule, including:

 Silica  Silica strong Anion (SAX)
 C-18  PolyWAX LP (silica weak anion)
 C-08  SDS-Removal
 C-04  Silica IMAC
 NH2  Ni
 Carbon (Hypercarb)  Fe
 C18 + Carbon (Hypercarb)  Ga
 Cellulose  Ca
 Zirconium dioxide  Protein A
 ZrO2+Hypercarb  Protein G
 ZrO2+Poros  Lectin
 ZrO2+Poros+Hypercarb  Lectin
 Titanium dioxide  Borate
 TiO2+Hypercarb  Blue Dye
 TiO2+Poros  Red Dye
 TiO2+Poros+Hypercarb  Trypsin
 TiO2+ZrO2  Trypsin (poroszyme)
 POROS RP-1  Sialidase
 POROS RP-2  G-10
 POROS weak anion exchanger  G-25
 POROS strong anion exchanger  G-50
 POROS strong cation exchanger  G-100
 PolySULFOETHYL A (silica SCX)  P-6
 PolyCAT A (silica WCX)


Find out which media is right for your experiment by referring to the chart below (or by downloading the Purification Wizard).