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  • PepTip
    $249.00 Choose Options PepTip
    Synthesis-in-a-TipTM packed with proprietary linker media for automated solid-phase peptide synthesis PepLinkTM media [AUTOMATABLE] Revolutionary tool enables solid-phase peptide synthesis in an automated tip format...
  • CapTip
    $125.00 Choose Options CapTip
    Gel filtration tip with movable capillary for targeted collection of concentrated fractions Enables gel filtration separation of peptides, nucleotides, or small molecules into size-based fractions Efficient and clean...
  • CrashPlate
    $99.00 Choose Options CrashPlate
    CrashPlates are 96-well plates that are designed to shake samples for enhanced analysis of small molecules (especially in the removal of proteins and phospholipids), as well as enhanced binding and recovery of...
  • Phosphopeptide Standards Kit
    $139.00 Phosphopeptide Standards Kit
    This is an essential kit for all phosphopeptide researchers.  Each kit contains 5 vials for phosphopeptide equipment/method standardization. Each kit contains: --4 phosphopeptide vials: each with 10 ug of pure 1-, 2-,...
  • Micro Gel Crusher allows you to crush gel pieces easily and increase enzymatic action
    $125.00 Choose Options Micro Gel Crusher
    Glygen is proud to introduce the new Micro Gel Crusher for crushing small gel pieces. The Micro Gel Crusher is based on a micropipette tip, and has a very narrow opening at the bottom. The Micro Gel Crusher’s piston...