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HPLC and online sample preparation


  • Phospho-molecule HPLC Column
    $595.00 Choose Options Phospho-molecule HPLC Column
    Premier HPLC columns for phosphoproteomics TiO2 • ZrO2 Offers sharp separations Optimal selectivity, excellent reproducibility Ideal for phospho-molecule separation Longer life for increased experiments Glygen...
  • Phospho-molecule HPLC Media
    $100.00 Choose Options Phospho-molecule HPLC Media
    Bulk media for packing specialty HPLC columnsTiO2 • ZrO2 Narrow particle size distribution for sharp separations and excellent reproducibility Offers higher resolution and fast analysis Ideal media to pack...
  • Female to female
    $225.00 Choose Options Trap Column
    Specialty trap columns for online purificationC18 • C08 • C04 • Carbon • HILIC • TiO2 • ZrO2 •  WAX • SAX • WCX • SCX  • Protein A • SDS Removal...
  • LC-Fiber
    $229.00 Choose Options LC-Fiber
    Capillary tube embedded with chromatography media for online enrichmentC18 • C08 • C04 • Carbon • HILIC • TiO2 • ZrO2 •  WAX • WCX • SCX Fast online sample preparation...